Major sporting events in Paris in 2023 and 2024 and transportation

Paris, the French capital, is at the centre of the country's sporting life. In 2023 and 2024, several major sporting events are planned in the City of Light. This article gives you an overview of these upcoming events and the 2024 Olympic Games. We will also provide tips and transport solutions during these events.

SB Drivers is often asked to transport visitors, groups and sometimes even sports teams during events taking place in Paris. And we will be happy to provide your transportation if you need it. Before giving you some upcoming sports dates not to be missed, here is some information on how to get around easily during these major sporting events.

Getting around Paris during the 2024 Olympic Games

During the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games, Paris will welcome thousands of visitors and athletes from around the world. To facilitate travel and ensure an enjoyable experience for all, specific measures will be put in place to optimise public transport and other modes of transport.

Public transport

Public transport will play a key role in getting around Paris and its surroundings during the Games. The metro, bus, tram and regional train (RER) network will be strengthened to cope with the influx of visitors. Special lines could be set up to serve the main Olympic venues and facilitate access to the competitions.

Soft and eco-responsible transport

To encourage greener travel, alternative solutions such as self-service bicycles (Vélib'), electric scooters and walking will also be promoted. Temporary facilities for pedestrians and cyclists could be provided to encourage these modes of transport.

Private and shared transport

Taxis and VTC services such as SB-Drivers will also be available for travel in Paris. To reduce the environmental impact and facilitate travel, it will be recommended to opt for carpooling or the use of electric vehicles.

Information and mobile applications

Mobile applications dedicated to the Olympic Games may be made available to inform visitors in real time about timetables, routes and available means of transport. These applications will also be able to provide advice on the best transport options to get to the different Olympic venues.

Some sporting events in 2023

Paris Marathon

On 2 April 2023, the 46th edition of the Paris Marathon will be held in the streets of the capital. Participants will run 42.195 km, passing through the most beautiful Parisian monuments and the Bois de Vincennes and Bois de Boulogne.

Paris Meeting

In 2023, on Friday 9 June 2023, the Charléty Stadium will host the Paris Meeting. This event will allow spectators to admire the performances of the world's best track and field champions.

Major of Counter-Strike Global Offensive

In 2023, from 8 to 21 May, Bercy will host the first Counter-Strike Global Offensive Major in France. This is one of the biggest events on the global eSport calendar.

2024 Olympic Games in Paris!

One hundred years after the last edition was held in France, the Summer Olympic and Paralympic Games will make a comeback in Paris in 2024. The French government is committed to making the best possible preparations for this international event. Preparations are underway to make these Games a memorable and unique celebration.

Yes, Paris 2024 will offer a new vision of Olympism, which will be reflected in a unique spirit of international celebration. The opening ceremony will mark a break with previous editions of the Games and promises to be bold and original.

Key dates and venues of the competitions

The 2024 Olympic Games will take place from Friday 2 August to Sunday 18 August 2024, while the Paralympic Games will take place from Wednesday 4 September to Sunday 15 September 2024.

The competitions will be held in various emblematic sites in the French capital, such as Roland-Garros, the Parc des Princes, as well as other cities such as Lyon, Saint-Etienne, Nice, Bordeaux, Nantes and Marseille. The surfing competitions will be held in Teahupo'o (Tahiti) where the waves are as impressive as they are legendary.


The years 2023 and 2024 promise to be rich in sporting events in Paris. These events testify to the vitality of the French sports scene and the capital's desire to host high-level competitions. These events will allow athletes and spectators to experience intense moments and share their passion for sport.

Moreover, the organisation of the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games is shaping up to be a historic and innovative event for France and the Olympic movement. The efforts made by the government, the Organising Committee and the various stakeholders involved demonstrate their commitment to delivering memorable Games, while ensuring responsible management of public funds. The Paris 2024 Games promise to be a unique international celebration, highlighting the values of Olympism and the exceptional performances of the athletes.

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