Paris by VTC in 2021

VTC in Paris in 2021

In Paris, where the health crisis seems to be subsiding, VTC drivers are not having it easy. Traffic has dropped significantly and many drivers are struggling to make ends meet. Many have gone on vacation without coming back... This blog post will give you a glimpse of what life is like for a driver in Paris during this time!

Discovering Paris in a different light

Cities like Paris are trying to put a positive spin back on COVID - an opportunity for citizens and tourists to slow down, soak up the culture, enjoy the cafes and restaurants on their streets. This new approach has had some success, but it will be a while before people can walk or drive through certain neighborhoods with the same carefree attitude they once had.

The new approach is a good example of how to make the city more attractive.

But it is true that during this period, Paris looked different, more mineral, the party was gone. The monuments seemed eager to tell us their stories.


When will the tourists return to Paris?

Some say it may be several years before the streets are free of COVID, but it's hard to say. Paris officials are also hard pressed to say when tourists will return to the city.


Personally my clientele is slowly coming back, but business is very low and many of my colleagues are not lucky enough to have theirs come back.

Fewer driver services in Paris

The car rental with driver sector has been particularly affected and at this time and many companies have disappeared this year. And this particularly affects me, some have been able to rebound, others are still looking for a professional alternative. 

Personally I'm getting out of it and SB-Drivers is still on the road to offer you its services of car rental with driver, I remain with joy your custom VTC driver.


Evening VTC ride in Paris

Uber's growth in Paris is also affected.

Many drivers on the Uber partner app have taken their COVID crisis into their own hands. Some have sought alternative routes to avoid COVID-infected areas, while others have simply stopped driving for a time. It is not uncommon for drivers to disappear from the system for a few days or weeks before returning. 

Regardless of their strategy, they will need to be more diligent in wearing masks and washing their hands when they return to work if they want to remain effective against the virus.


For many drivers, life has been difficult during this time. Their livelihoods depend on a steady supply of bookings and runs, which have become scarce due to the decline in traffic in the city caused by COVID.


At the same time, Uber continues to invest in re-entry programs, making them even better than ever at helping returning citizens find employment opportunities in their local area or elsewhere if needed."

What does this mean for you, users of VTC services?

According to the FFTPR* (French Federation of Personal Transport on Booking), in percentage terms, the decrease in the number of available VTC drivers has fallen by double digits. With the improvement of the health situation, it is frequently observed that the wait after ordering the ride increases due to this lack of drivers, especially in the evening, with the lifting of restrictions for restaurants and entertainment venues.


Finally, a significant increase in fares is noted, up to 30% in some cases.

The recovery is underway

There are several reasons why October is a good month for drivers. The phasing out of the solidarity fund announced by Bruno Le Maire should boost recovery rates and potentially attract more job seekers, while increased demand will continue to attract job seekers from all over France as well!


SB Drivers is always there for you!

Anyway SB-Drivers and its partners are happy to be able to drive you again in the capital, which is gradually regaining its colors.

Our drivers and their skills are always there for you, contact us.


* The FFTPR brings together the main European VTC platforms such as Bolt, Free Now, Heetch, Allocab, LeCab, Marcel, ...

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