Paris is waiting for you, travel guide during COVID

What is it like to travel to Paris at this time?

Are you wondering if visiting Paris or France during the COVID period is a good idea? Well yes, and in this article we give you some essential practical advice and arguments to take full advantage of an open and uncongested Paris.

Your arrival in Paris

If you are arriving at Paris Charles De Gaulle airport from a foreign country, the first thing to be checked after disembarking and before going through passport control is your vaccination card.

When someone asks you for a "Health Pass", it means your white CDC vaccination card if you are American. So I suggest that you have it with your passport as soon as you get off the plane. 

At passport control, you just have to hand over your passport and your vaccination card. The officer will quickly glance at your card and proceed to stamp your passport.

Other than these vaccination card and body temperature checks, nothing will be different from your previous trips if you have been to France before.

What is it like to travel to Paris at this time?

It is a magical time to visit the Louvre and other museums in Paris. The absence of crowds and mass tourism means that social distancing is much easier. Masks are still de rigueur inside.

I can confidently tell you that Paris is wide open. Museums like the Louvre and Orsay operate at regular hours. Other than wearing masks, pop-up test sites and Sanitary Pass signs, it's still the same Paris you know and we all love.

Masks required indoors

Masks are required indoors and on public transportation, but not outdoors. It is not uncommon to see Parisians walking around with masks, especially when going to a metro station or a crowded outdoor market. Indoor masks are mandatory and most people respect the rules, which is reassuring for everyone.

Is Paris safe?

Yes, Paris is safe for foreign travelers and you can come and visit as it is not closed to travelers. You can have lunch in your favorite café, stroll through one of the famous gardens or boulevards, enter a world famous museum or kiss your partner on top of the Eiffel Tower.

There is no doubt that the absence of tourist crowds has made Paris safer and more enjoyable. You'll be able to get a table in any restaurant, walk through the Louvre without running into massive groups of tourists, and not feel cramped in Paris. You may even feel like you're the only tourist in town secretly enjoying all that Paris has to offer. Don't forget that you can use our VTC services to make your travel easier.

What about the provinces?

Taking the train to and from the provinces is not a problem either. Have your vaccination card at hand when you travel. In addition, masks are mandatory on the trains and social distancing is required whenever possible. Again, travel will seem safe and simple. You can also count on our long-distance VTC services to discover France and its regions.

How to take a COVID test in Paris to travel?

Here again, everything seems to be very well organized, there are many possibilities to obtain a COVI test. From pharmacies to private clinics to various venues, there are many testing sites throughout Paris. Antigen tests in Paris are also affordable, ranging from 25 to 50 euros.

Le louvre at Paris

The Health Pass

As you will notice, every restaurant in Paris has a visible sign asking customers to show their Health Pass.

This Sanitary Pass is mandatory to enter museums, restaurants, shopping centers and cafes. You really can't travel in France without this document.

Foreign travelers, don't worry!

Your vaccination card issued by your health authorities will be widely accepted in Paris and in France. Indeed, there is currently no system to quickly convert foreign vaccination books into the QR Code version of the French Health Pass. You will simply have to show your vaccination card in restaurants, cafés, museums and trains throughout the country. You'll never have a problem. In fact, your original vaccination card will be your Health Pass.

Also, if your trip will last several weeks, ask the pharmacy to convert your vaccination card into a French Health Pass.

Once you have applied and received your QR code, add it to the Tous Anti COVID application (available on Apple and Android). You are now ready to go.

Our expert tip: Take a screenshot of your Tous Anti COVID app page with the QR code and add it directly to your phone's lock screen so it's ready to go!

If you are a UK citizen, the QR code NHS pass allows you to obtain the Health Pass. Please visit the Tous Anti Covid app or the French Consulate in London page.

Can I travel to Paris now?

Can I travel to Paris now? If you are healthy and vaccinated, there is no reason why you cannot travel to Paris. Yes, as long as you continue to follow the advice of the medical community and local regulations, you will be safe in Paris.

All systems are in place to ensure the safety of travelers and residents.

The French philosophy of medicine is focused on science and the common good, not on economics. Thus, most people comply with local prescriptions for the good of all.

According to our observations, the respect of masks in public transport, at the entrance of buildings, or whenever necessary, is almost 100%. Social distancing is always valid, especially in public transport.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us

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