Formula E turns Extreme

Formula E turns Extreme

From Beijing roads in 2014 the Formula E — the electric SUV championship stay the distance while it is still coming a long way. Keen to gets even more it was obvious that in 2021 it would have planned to go further and tames the international track with a brand-new version: Extreme E

For the inexperienced who just tried themselves into motorcar sport, Formula E is a quite close category from Formula 1 the famous race enjoying a worldwide renown — both of which are organized by the International Automobile Federation (IAF). Let’s feed your curiosity and highlight what Formula E exactly is; accurately Formula E is a motorcar race plays with electric mono space. 

This innovating concept aimed to promote electric models to classic gas oil model detriment, the latest will then be replaced by hybrids models. It tends to turn what hurts and damages the environment into something that will benefit it. That is why many of the car designers as Renault and Ferrari were charmed by this promising discipline.

Usually Formula E is copying Formula 1 scheme with some new shades: it takes place in the main roads of the cities. Extreme E isn’t just about competition; it is also an opportunity for its creators to launch anti-global warming campaign that might raise awareness among everybody through its supporters. In order to try finding a solution to the actual ecologic problem our century faces, the destinations chosen on top of being intercontinental have a big matter regarding the purpose fixed. 

These are deeply concerned by the global warming. Car fans must be granted of the opportunity to live an unprecedented experience thanks to an original production that recorded Extreme E and global warming matter in the documentary way. Keeping up to their ambition the creators may reach a bigger field of action.“Extreme” means you need to make strategic choices! 

Strategic choices involve SB-Drivers; we are the more qualified to make the drive by far! We already got the chance to work with the Formula E creator since what and by our efforts and professionalism SB-Drivers Company has been working with him hand in hand by offering them our services. The company is enjoying a lot of advantages as being the more likely to know the procedures best, offering an effective service including avoiding much unpleasantness to our clients.

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